Google stopped Domain Name Sales

Google, one of the technology giants, has stopped sales of its “Domains” service, which allows us to purchase domain names. All domains on the platform will be transferred to Squarespace.

Earlier this year, Google “domains” that it will close its service named He announced that he would sell it to Squarespace. While the transition process between the two platforms was continuing, Google suddenly stopped domain name sales.

Google Domains offers domain names to new and existing customers. silently stopped its sales. It announced the news on Domains’ website, but did not send any notification email to users. Users who want to buy a domain name, It redirects to Squarespace’s own site.

When users want to access the Domains service, they encounter the following message:

Squarespace, an American-based website creation company. Google’s domains It demands a fee equivalent to the fees it charges for. Domain names starting from an average of $12 per year are offered to users on Squarespace.

This change made It does not prevent existing users from using the “Domains” service. All existing information and controls remain the same, but they cannot add anything to their own portfolio. Customers using Domains can see the link at the top of the service page. “Squarespace is the founding company for your domain name, and Google will manage your domain name throughout the transition process.” They encounter a notification.


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The sale of the “Domains” service, which hosted more than 10 million domain names, to Squarespace was completed on September 7.

Google stated that the reason for selling this service to Squarespace was to improve their focus. own resources artificial intelligence After this move by Google, which uses it for its purposes, it is divesting from services that have little to do with its goals.

To learn more details about the sale of Domains service to Squarespace, you can check out our news below.


Google is shutting down its “Google Domains” service through which it sells domain names like hot bread

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