Google Search Console is back to normal after a few days of hiatus!

One of the must-have tools for website owners Google Search Consolehas been unable to submit performance reports for about a week for reasons that cannot be determined. According to user reports, this issue has persisted since September 18.

Google, on the other hand, recently published a notification and announced that they are investigating what caused the error, and that it will be resolved shortly. It looks like the search giant has finally fixed this issue after a few days. Users can now access the performance report of their website up-to-date.

New doodle from Google heralding the arrival of autumn!

Technology company Google has released a new doodle for its browser. A small hedgehog appears before those who enter the browser screen…

Google Search Console now shows up-to-date performance reports

According to messages on Google’s forum page, users have been unable to view the updated performance reports since September 18. However, this morning, Google made a post explaining that the problem has been resolved and announced that it can now access performance data until the last few hours.

Lately Google Search ConsoleDue to his hard work, he received a lot of reaction. After this aggravation, the site unfortunately started not displaying performance reports. Fortunately, Google announced that it fixed the problems by updating after a few days. Now everyone can regain access to their site’s performance report in an up-to-date manner.

You are also a Search Console If you are a user; You can take a look at the Search, Google News and Discover performance reports again.

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