Google Play Store website is changing: Here is the new design!

Android ecosystem store Google Play Store It’s not just for mobile devices. It also serves in the web environment, and when users log in to the site with their Google account on the phone, they can remotely install applications on the phone. Also logged in with the same Google account on all devices they can see the list of installed apps.

The company doesn’t pay as much attention to the Play Store’s website as it does to its mobile versions. Google, which made the last design change with the release of the original material design, has taken over the site again years later. to the browser The new look of the store, which can be accessed by typing, appeared on Reddit.

Play Store design is changing! Here is the new state

The Play Store, which Android users visit even once a week, has become more minimalist with its new design.

Google Play Store increases web-mobile compatibility

Photos of the new look of the store were shared by Android Police. Looking at the images, the web version of the Play Store and the mobile app in terms of appearance It seems that they are similar to each other.

Google removed the gray background and complex nested sidebar and replaced it with a simpler tab bar consisting of four main sections. In the stick; Games, Apps, Movies and Books is located. The user will be able to navigate between these sections easily and browse through any application or other digital content.

Google did not remove the buttons located on the left side of the old version. The company that moves them to the account tab in the upper right corner; library, devices, subscriptions, payment methods, order history and to settings facilitated access.

One of the most important changes in the new design of the Play Store website; application page it happened. With a big font just like mobile application name Bringing it to the forefront, Google has positioned the icon of the application next to it. Developer information was added to the right side of the screen, allowing the user to learn more about the application in question.

Google has also revamped the Play Store’s search experience. As in the mobile version, you will receive an auto-complete suggestion when you start typing the word, and when a result that matches your target app is found, you will be able to navigate directly to it.

According to the source citing the photos, Google’s work on the new design continues. It is also mentioned that some elements and settings in the user interface are not working. However, when the new website of the Play Store is opened to general use, it is expected to be free from the aforementioned problems.

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