Google Meet Will Allow One-Tap Device Switching

A feature has arrived in Google Meet that will significantly improve the user experience. Users will now be able to change devices with a single touch. The feature will reach all users within a few weeks.

US-based technology giant Google has launched a widely used video calling application. Meet announced a new feature for . This new feature, which will significantly improve the experience, will allow users to with a touch It will make it possible to change devices.

Switching devices in Google Meet used to be quite complicated. The user opens a new device, closes the previous meeting, and on the new device to reconnect It required. However, the new feature will eliminate this confusion. The user who turns on a second device says “switchWith the ” option, the meeting will quickly continue from where it left off.

This is what Google Meet’s new feature will look like

According to the statement made by Google, Meet’s new feature is available on Android and iOS. for phones and tablets will be available. Of course, desktop devices will also support this feature.


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The new feature of Google Meet started to be distributed as of today. According to the company statement May 9, 2024 as of date All Google Meet users will be able to benefit from the fast transfer feature.

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