Google Announces It Will Not Block Artificial Intelligence Content

Google announced that it will not block the articles produced with automation such as ChatGPT in the search engine, and that their priority is the accuracy of the information.

Developed by OpenAI, one of the elements where we can best see the capabilities and benefactors of self-learning artificial intelligence. ChatGPThas gained great popularity in the world in recent months.

But of course ChatGPT also had response aggregating functions. The biggest one is that you can print articles to ChatGPT. Even some sites They were sharing articles written by ChatGPT. A Google executive who gave an interview to Futurism stated that they will not block these articles.

“We look at whether the content is correct, not how it is produced”

Speaking to Futurism, Google Search public liaison manager Danny Sullivan said in an interview that Google Search is more about how content is produced. taking into account the accuracy of the information contained in mentioned:

“Our goal with search is to show useful and relevant content created for people, rather than search engine results rankings. Our ranking team focuses on the usefulness of the content rather than how the content is produced. This allows us to create solutions that aim to reduce any unhelpful content in search, whether produced by humans or through automated processes.”


Google Alarmed by ChatGPT: Competitor Chat Bot Coming

However, this statement is a result of the results in the search engine that Google announced last year. ‘content produced by experts, for people who research’ contradicts its policy. This is because Google It is thought to be allegedly developing a bot to rival ChatGPT.

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