Good News for These 20 Altcoins from Binance and 4 Exchanges: Listing Also Available!

Various recent announcements point to innovations for many altcoin projects. Exchanges such as Binance and Upbit announced new cryptocurrency listings and support. Here are the details…

Upbit lists altcoin ID

In a recent development, cryptocurrency exchange Upbit announced plans to list the altcoin Space ID (ID) at 18:00 on November 30, 2023. This move follows the exchange’s commitment to provide its users with a variety of digital assets for trading. Upbit said ID will only support deposits via the Ethereum network. In other words, he stated that deposits via other networks will not be supported.

To manage the initial trading period, Upbit will impose certain restrictions. For the first approximately 5 minutes after listing, buy orders for ID will be restricted. In addition, sell orders will face restrictions set at 0.00000682 BTC for prices below -10% of ID’s previous day’s closing price.

BitMart, Indodax and BitMEX announcements attracted attention

Meanwhile, other leading cryptocurrency exchanges are also making significant additions to their listings. Exchange listings play a very important role in the cryptocurrency market and can significantly impact the fortunes of a particular cryptocurrency. These are as follows:

  • BitMart listed Crypto Asset Governance Alliance with the CAGA/USDT trading pair at 18:00.
  • Indodax added Status (SNT), which supports the SNT/IDR trading pair, to its listings at 14:00.
  • BitMEX has included in its offering with the FET/USD perpetual contract.
  • Indodax continues its expansion by listing TokenFi with the TOKEN/IDR trading pair at 14:00 EST.
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Binance supports new tokens

In a separate announcement, Binance introduced BEAMX and VIC to Binance Convert. Users will now be able to exchange these tokens against BTC, USDT, and other tokens supported by Binance Convert without paying any fees. Binance also confirmed support for the Arweave (AR) network upgrade and hard fork. This important event is planned to take place around 17:00 UTC on December 5, 2023, at an altitude of 1,316,410 blocks. To facilitate a smooth transition, Binance will suspend deposits and withdrawals of AR tokens on that network starting at 16:00 ET on the same day.

In summary, exchange listings serve as a critical element in the growth and development of cryptocurrencies. They provide access to markets, increase credibility, and contribute to the overall success and adoption of a particular project within the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. These developments demonstrate the ongoing efforts of major cryptocurrency exchanges to diversify their offerings and adapt to the evolving landscape of the keipro asset market. The industry continues to witness dynamic changes. Additionally, users should be informed and act carefully in their investment decisions.

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