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Founded in 2001, GittiGidiyor was acquired by eBay in May 2011. According to the statement made today, eBay has decided to withdraw from Turkey. Operating under eBay for 11 years gone, is closing.

eBay will cease its operations in Turkey: GittiGidiyor is Closing

In 2011, GittiGidiyor shares 93 percent After 5 years, eBay bought all the shares and became the owner of GittiGidiyor. Making a written statement about the closing process, eBay said, “We regularly review our business operations globally. We made this difficult but strategic decision based on the ongoing competitive dynamics in the market.” made statements.

Turkey’s Defense Industry budget has been announced!

Turkey’s Defense Industry budget and developments in the last 20 years were shared. Moreover, the amount this year was astonishing.

Protecting sellers and buyers with the Zero Risk System it developed in 2001, GittiGidiyor allowed more than 13 million users to perform transactions without any problems. More than 35 million users and 120 thousand sellers, the company launched GittiGidiyor Express, a fast delivery system, in January 2022.

eBay will cease its operations in Turkey: GittiGidiyor is Closing

Announcing that sellers will not be able to post new ads on the platform from June 20, eBay stated that the purchases will end on July 18. Stating that sellers and buyers will be contacted directly for transitions from the platform, the company underlined that users will be able to access their accounts until September 5, 2022. Users will be able to reach customer service until September 30, 2022.

eBay’s withdrawal from the Turkish market 2022 second quarter financial results It is thought to have no effect. GittiGidiyor brought 4 million active customers to eBay in the first quarter of 2022.

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