Giant Whales Accumulated These Altcoins in the Fall!

Data from Whalestats reveals that the world’s largest Ethereum (ETH) whales are swallowing popular stablecoins and altcoins as Bitcoin (BTC) struggles below $40,000.

According to WhaleStats, a whale-watching platform, the first 1,000 Ethereum wallets over-the-counter have been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past seven days. USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT) and Binance USD (BUSD) and bought it from ETH itself. These cryptocurrencies made up the top 4 of the list.

Deep pocketed investors are also worth an average of $62,569 per whale. Polygon (MATIC) accumulated and placed the altcoin in 5th place. Another stablecoin ranked after MATIC flexUSD there was.

Next on the 7-day buy list of Ethereum whales is the one designed to replace a certificate of deposit. Hex (HEX) is coming. Hex ranked seventh on the list as giant ETH whales bought crypto assets worth an average of $28,133 per wallet.

decentralized oracle network Chainlink (LINK) on the other hand, ranks eighth with an average purchase amount of $27,934.

The list is a service token of the anti-ad web browser Brave. Basic Attention Token (BAT) and basically representing Bitcoin 1:1 on Ethereum Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is completed with.

WhaleStats also shows that some of the richest Ethereum whales in existence made large individual purchases during the crypto market pullback.

According to a tweet posted yesterday by Whalestats, the world’s fourth largest Ethereum whale is about 200,000 for an impressive $3.90 million. Chainlink (LINK) and 1,000 worth approximately $1.96 million Maker (MKR) he bought. MKR is the Ethereum-based governance token of MakerDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) responsible for maintaining and regulating the stablecoin DAI.

The 141st-ranked ETH whale also made a LINK purchase of 86,475 tokens for $1.69 million. The major wallet also added 1,099,996 MATICs worth $2.24 million to its holdings.

Lastly, the 475th Ethereum whale in individual transactions is 326,994 worth $1.84 million. SUSHI he bought. SUSHI, the decentralized crypto exchange platform SushiSwap‘s management token and ranks 99th on the list of cryptocurrencies.

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