Giant Market Maker Collects from the Rising Altcoin: It Added Value!

Frontier (FRONT), the cryptocurrency project in which market maker DWF Labs has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, continues its upward trend.

Reported by on-chain analysis platform Lookonchain to data According to DWF Labs, it attracted attention by performing FRONT operations twice within a 10-hour period. First of all, via the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. 127 thousand dollars worth 799,979 FRONT The market maker withdraws it and transfers it to his private wallet, then again 42 thousand dollars from Binance worth 100,787 FRONTHe transferred it to his wallet.

The market maker currently has approximately 351 thousand dollars worth 799,979 FRONT is available.

According to CoinGecko data, 10 days in 216% gain in value FRONT $0.162 from level to $0.514 It rose and attracted attention. FRONT, after experiencing some decline, along with recent acquisitions by DWF Labs up to 10% While it gains more value during writing from $0.429 finds buyers.

Binance Friday, September 22 In his statement on the day, he said that the maximum for FRONT 10x up to the lever Tether (USDT) announced that it would launch margin futures trading. This announcement and the increased interest of the market maker were among the most important factors that triggered the rise.

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