GetirYemek Table Launched: So What Does It Do?

Getir launched a brand new service called GetirFood Table. The new service, launched in Istanbul for now, allows users to enjoy discounts of up to 30% at the restaurants they visit.

Established in 2015 Bringmanaged to become one of Turkey’s largest enterprises in a short time. The company, which operates in many countries, provided services in many areas from car rental to finding a job.

Today, apply Bring Me Dining Table Added a brand new service called With its new service, the company take advantage of discounts by going to restaurants wants to provide. Your new service only in Istanbul for now Let’s add in.

It will be possible to benefit from discounts of up to 30% at member restaurants

Users can visit member restaurants with GetirYemek Masa. Up to 30% off can benefit. The company says that with this move, users will benefit from advantages not only in the orders they place at their addresses, but also in the restaurants they go to.

In addition, Getir is the launch of its new service offering on-site discounts. at more than 600 locations also adds that.

It will be free for a limited time

GetirYemek Masa is special for its debut. free for a limited time it will be. This shows that the service may be paid in the future. So, how is this service used, which includes hundreds of member restaurants? Let’s see.

How to use GetirYemek Table?

First of all, your Getir application must be up to date. When we log in to GetirYemek, in the section at the bottom of the search, ‘Table’ We see the tab appear. You can start using the new service by clicking here.

BringTable, off the map restaurants near you showing for you. Here you can see how much discount you can benefit from in which member restaurant.

In order to take advantage of the opportunity, when paying the bill at the contracted place you go, ‘Use the opportunity’ press the button and the code you see you need to show. Showing that you are at that restaurant to take advantage of the discount. confirm your location also needed.

Finally, from the discount opportunity at that restaurant. only once a day Let me tell you that you can use it.


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