German Banking Giant Plans to Invest in Two Local Cryptocurrency Companies

It has been claimed that DWS, the asset management arm of Deutsche Bank, one of the largest banks in Germany, is in talks to invest in two crypto money companies.

Bloomberg reported on Feb. 8 that DWS’s cryptocurrency introduction to the ecosystem And stimulate growth He stated that he will invest in two crypto money companies based in Germany as part of his plans. In the news, based on the claims of sources familiar with the subject, the company’s target Deutsche Digital Assets And of tradias was stated.

According to the shared information, Deutsche Digital Assets minority shares The company, which is in talks to buy it, will invest a considerable amount in the cryptocurrency exchange if agreements are reached.

Another target of DWS was reported by sources as Tradias, the market maker company owned by Bankhaus Scheich. According to the information received, the company Tradias also to minority shares plans to invest.

Under the leadership of CEO Stefan Hoops, it has lost its reputation due to some investigations in the past years. Bring DWS back to its old days that the team trying to turn open And embracing It is expressed by the actors in the sector that it approaches.

In an investor presentation by Hoops, DWS is looking to enter new areas such as digital assets. strategic partnerships He stated that he decided to evaluate and make a due diligence. The CEO says the current low prices in the digital asset market are helping the company. interesting opportunities underlined that he could

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