Generative Artificial Intelligence is Coming to Samsung Bixby!

A Samsung executive stated that virtual assistant Bixby will see big changes soon. The assistant will receive productive artificial intelligence support.

Samsung’s virtual assistant, first introduced in 2017 bixby, could not live up to expectations and was slowly starting to be forgotten. After the company recently introduced artificial intelligence features called Galaxy AI, it was wondered what would happen to the assistant.

Now, an important statement has come from Won-joon Choi, a Samsung executive. According to the statement made by an executive, Bixby still not dead.

Samsung wants to equip Bixby with generative artificial intelligence

Samsung has partnered with Google on the artificial intelligence features it introduced with its last S24 phones. Gemini Nano He started using the model. This showed that the company could replace Bixby with a Google Gemini-supported assistant. However, new statements showed that this was not the plan and that the company sees models such as Gemini as a competitor for Bixby.

In his statement, Choi said that they should give Bixby a new role and generative artificial intelligence support will be added He stated: ““I believe that Bixby’s role needs to be redefined so that it can be equipped with productive artificial intelligence.” He added that he thought the assistant needed to be “smarter” and have more natural conversations.

That’s all the details for now. We don’t know when Bixby will receive these updates. However, we can predict that we will see a change in Bixby, just like Apple will make in Siri, in the coming months. We will wait and see whether the virtual assistant, which has never reached the desired level, will be successful with productive artificial intelligence.

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