Gameplay Trailer Arrived from Age of Empires Mobile

The Age of Empires series, on which a generation spent hundreds of hours on the computer, meets its fans on mobile.

It is one of the first productions that come to mind when it comes to strategy games. Age of Empires The series had won a place in the hearts of the players, especially with its second and fourth games. It still continues on its way without slowing down with its loyal audience. Because most of us may have forgotten, but series, battle royale He even added his current to his game.

Now our popular series meets mobile players. Actually, this news is not very new, but until the newly released gameplay trailer, Age of Empires Mobile We had no idea about it. Without further ado, let’s look at the trailer and game details.

Age of Empires Mobile trailer:

As we can guess, this game is on the computer. Age of Empires aims to bring its experience to mobile. As far as we can see, we can bring to life the French, Roman, Chinese and Byzantine empires. The game, in which we will lead important names such as Friedrich Barbarossa and Queen Sheba, will provide a rich strategy experience. with eye-catching graphics He states that he will offer it.

Hundreds of players at the same time Age of Empires Mobile, which will enable large-scale wars; It will also include additional features such as pre-battle planning and modes where you can fight one-on-one with other players. The production in question has excited both developers and players.

Pre-registration rewards are as follows:

You can click here to pre-register via Google Play.

We will see together whether it can offer the same experience on mobile as on the computer. Do you think Age of Empires Mobile will be able to save us from the games we see advertised here and there?


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