FTX Attacker Could Dump Bitcoin (BTC): Converting Funds from Ether to renBTC

The attacker, who hacked FTX, which filed for bankruptcy in the past days, converts the funds he stole from the stock market to Bitcoin (BTC) after Ethereum (ETH).

Blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis to the data According to the FTX attacker, the stolen funds are the cryptocurrency after Ether, the equivalent of Bitcoin on the Ethereum network. to renBTC is turning. 228,523 Attacker with Ether, approx. Largest Ethereum with $270 million one of the whales.

Also, to clear confusion about the funds stolen by the Chainalysis attacker, here’s an image: shared:

The attacker, at TSI morning hours on Sunday, from 5,000 moved excess Ether to a new wallet and then 35,000 Ether more transferred. The attacker completes the transaction by converting Ether to Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and then to renBTC using the 1inch, Uniswap and Aave protocols.

offensive so far 3,500 renBTC for approx. 50,000 ETH sold it. Currently in the wallet named “FTX Accounts Drainer” 185,000 If the attacker, who owns around Ether, converts all the funds to Bitcoin, he will have approximately 17,000 BTC will be found.

It is claimed that the FTX attacker, who tried to lose his track by changing the network, aimed to reduce the price and create panic in the cryptocurrency market by selling BTCs. In the present case 16,000 It is estimated that Bitcoin, which is trying to stay above the dollar, can create new bottoms with this sale.

Bitcoin in the last 24 hour period 3.5% Ethereum’s depreciation 7% Ether in the hands of the attacker due to depreciation to sell is thought to be due to

Launched to move assets that are not on the Ethereum network to the Ethereum network, Ren’s developer team was previously said to be acquired by Alameda, owned by FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried. Alameda and Ren had collaborated on the development of some projects.

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