First Statement From Genesis CEO After Genesis Bankruptcy: Threatened Litigation!

Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of the US-based crypto exchange Gemini, kgiant investor of the cryptocurrency market Digital Currency Group (DCG) and its CEO can sue Barry Silbert for unpaid loan debts.

Cameron Winklevoss, CEO of parent company Digital Currency Group Barry Silbertby suing the threatening he did. Unpaid as a cause of action 900 million dollar loan debt Winklevoss, who suggested that while making harsh statements, “partners in crime” made an analogy.

We are preparing to take direct legal action against Genesis and its accomplices, who shared responsibility for scamming over 340,000 Earn users. We will soon be suing Barry and DCG unless Barry and DCG come to their senses and make a fair offer to the creditors.

Addressing creditors after filing for bankruptcy protection, Winklevoss said:very important step for us to get your assets back” he stated. Although the founding partner states that this situation is good for the creditors, he remains determined to sue DCG if it does not pay its debts.

On the other hand, Genesis filed for bankruptcy today. 765 million dollars claimed to be.

However, Genesis Global Capital Chapter 11 bankruptcyHe contested some of Gemini’s claims in his voluntary petition for In a statement made by the Genesis company, 900 million dollars certain assets of the loan. net income from foreclosure It was stated that the current laws may not cover this foreclosure income.

The debate between Winklevoss and Silbert has been going on for weeks on social media. Winklevoss quoted DCG CEO Silbert in a post in early January. to use Invitation had.

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