First Information on Foldable Tablet Samsung Galaxy Z Tab

It has been claimed that Samsung will introduce a foldable screen tablet this year. The tablet, which is expected to be called Galaxy Z Tab, may be a large-screen version of the Gakaxy Z Fold series.

South Korean tech giant Samsung There has been a remarkable development. A source that has also hosted remarkable leaks in the past, Samsung very likely this year, a tablet with a foldable screen claimed to introduce Saying that Samsung is already planning multiple foldable screen products for the next year, the leaker claims that the brand will do whatever it takes to release a foldable screen tablet this year.

According to the information obtained, Samsung’s foldable screen tablet, “Galaxy Z Tab” will be named as “. Allegedly, at the launch for the upcoming Galaxy Tab S9, this product will also be introduced. what can it offer?

Samsung Galaxy Z Tab could be an even bigger version of the Galaxy Z Fold

Samsung’s allegedly upcoming foldable screen tablet has to offer a difference from the brand’s foldable screen phones. In this context, the first difference is; screen size, it will. Undoubtedly, Samsung will include a larger screen on its foldable screen tablet than the 7.6-inch screen of the Galaxy Z Fold4. On the hardware front, flagship The processor model and RAM capacities preferred in phones in its class will most likely appear on this tablet as well.


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On the other hand; A few years ago, Samsung came up with a tablet that could be folded from two places. According to the allegations, Samsung was working on products that could be folded twice. In fact, the brand did not want such a tablet at that time. patent had also taken. Those claims may now be very close to being true.

According to the patent, the Samsung Galaxy Z Tab could look like this:

Samsung tablet concept

If that happens, the Samsung Galaxy Z Tab’s screen will fold at two points, which is will increase portability. Of course, the most accurate explanations will be made at a possible launch of Samsung.

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