First Images of Google Pixel 6a Revealed

Google plans to launch the more budget-friendly Pixel 6a soon, following the success of its flagship series Pixel 6 smartphones. The first images of the phone also leaked to the internet today.

Google was on the agenda with its new smartphones that it offered to users last month. The flagship series smartphones Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro also received positive comments from experts. But Google’s plans for this series don’t seem to end there. The company will be established in 2022. ‘Google Pixel 6a’ under the name more affordable preparing to launch a model. Today, with the leaks falling on the internet, the first information about the phone began to emerge.

First images of Google Pixel 6a:

91Mobiles In the photos shared on the website, we see that the design of Pixel 6a is very similar to the Pixel 6. Among the rumors circulating on the internet so far, it was pointed out that the new device could have a Pixel 5a-style design. However, Google seems to be trying to make a more budget-friendly version of the Pixel 6 series directly. As can be seen from the published photos, on the phone no headphone jack. The 6.2-inch screen has a fingerprint sensor and a front camera in the middle. On the back, there is a dual-lens camera.


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Anyone who sees the phone for the first time can easily think that it is the Pixel 6. Because the image from Pixel 6 almost indistinguishable. However, the same cannot be said for hardware. Although it seems to be a part of the series, some sacrifices are necessary because it is the A-series. Among these sacrifices is most likely Google’s new processor, Google Tensor is also included. This phone will be more budget friendly camera capabilities it won’t be on par with the Pixel 6 series, either. More information about the Pixel 6a is expected to come to light before the end of 2021, but there is no word yet on when the phone will be officially introduced.

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