Fire Alarm Tried on International Space Station

The International Space Station, which has been in use for nearly 20 years, was starting to show its age a long time ago. The station, which was on our agenda last week with the cracks seen in the station, is now in front of us with a fire alarm. According to the information, the alarm worked while the batteries were charging.

The first module was launched in 1998 International Space Station (ISS)With the addition of different modules, it took its current form. In this huge satellite, in which astronauts live, studies are carried out in many different areas. In other words, the station in question plays an important role in both earth and space studies.

But it also shows us from time to time that it needs to be overhauled with today’s technology. Last week on the ISS zvezda It was reported that there were cracks in the module, and it was said that they did not bode well. Now we are here again with a development from the Zvezda module. According to information astronauts woken up by the fire alarm and the smell of burning plastic.

The astronauts continued their normal routine:

zvezda The source of the smell, which is stated to come from the module, is still unknown. According to the information transmitted, the smell of smoke Russian Astronaut Oleg Novitsky He also stated that he smelled burning plastic. French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet All astronauts are in good shape. In addition, the planned missions will not be interrupted, indicating that there is no critical situation at the station yet. Again life support systems The fact that it is in this module did not cause any minor concern.

Among these tasks spacewalk was also included. Although it is comforting that this will happen without any problems, it also raises concerns since this is not the first thing that happens at the station. Previously, experts had made statements that these signs of aging shown by the station did not bode well.


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the station in question in 2014 It also came up with the smell of smoke. Although it is clear that some innovations are needed, time will tell what the fate of the ISS will be.

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