FIFA’s Technology That Lets You Watch Matches Like You’re Playing A Game

FIFA included many technological innovations in the 2022 World Cup. One of them was a technology that offers a match watching experience with augmented reality technology.

Utilizing the most up-to-date technologies to maximize the football experience, FIFA, especially held in Qatar at the World Cup introduced many innovations into our lives. Today, we are here with one of the most impressive of these innovations.

FIFA’s mobile application FIFA+, special for those watching the match in the stadium It hosts a new feature. Thanks to the feature, viewers can follow the names of the players, the position of the ball and much more live on their phone’s camera during the match.

Here’s what the feature in FIFA’s mobile app looks like:

So how does this feature work?

The feature of FIFA that we saw above, ‘augmented realityIt is possible thanks to a technology that we call ‘, which takes more place in our lives day by day. The image taken from the phones camera is combined with the real-time data of FIFA, and the data and the image are displayed together in the application.

FIFA in June 2021 to enable this feature wTVision had collaborated with. The technology developed by vTVision and TVTEL becomes reality by analyzing the image from the camera remotely, capturing the video in real time and presenting it to the user by putting graphics on it.

Projected graphics, vTVision’s FootballStats CG V5 graphics controller, AR Football augmented reality software and real-time 3D rendering engine R Space Engine is produced with.

The technology can also be used in many leagues in the future:

The 2022 World Cup is actually a game for FIFA. technology testing ground works as. All the technologies we see here are planned to enter our lives as a standard in the future.


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