Federal Prosecutor General: German-Iranians delivered goods for Iran’s nuclear program – politics abroad

Arrest in Schleswig-Holstein – a German-Iranian is said to have delivered components for the Iranian nuclear program!

As the Federal Prosecutor announced, officials from the customs office in the Segeberg district arrested the German-Iranian Alexander J.

The accusation: violations of the Foreign Trade Act. A total of eleven apartments and business premises belonging to Alexander J. and two co-accused were searched in Schleswig-Holstein, North Rhine-Westphalia and Hamburg.

Alexander J. is said to have violated the Foreign Trade Act in three cases by delivering goods to Iran. Total order volume: 1.1 million euros. According to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, J. concluded the deal with an Iranian whose companies are listed on the EU embargo regulation.

The reason: The companies are “middlemen for laboratory equipment that should be used for the Iranian nuclear and missile program.”

In August 2018, the Iranian businessman was supposed to procure laboratory equipment, so he turned to Alexander J.

► In March 2019, J. received 680,000 euros and procured the required equipment, with the exception of two spectrometers. J. was only able to find this a few months later, on June 30, 2020 he had it delivered to Iran without a permit. Alexander J. now faces up to five years imprisonment.

The Iranian mullah regime has been suspected of developing an atomic bomb for years. In 2015, the West agreed a deal with Tehran: Sanctions should be lifted, in return Iran would allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect the nuclear facilities.

However, the framework conditions were criticized as incomplete from the start, as certain systems were excluded from the inspections or a long pre-notification period was necessary for the inspections.

In 2018, the USA therefore withdrew from the deal, and the mullah regime subsequently enriched more and more uranium. The continuation of the nuclear deal is currently being negotiated in Vienna, but although the Europeans in particular are very accommodating to the regime, no agreement has yet been reached.