Feature to Delight Google’s Incognito Tab Users

Google announced that it has brought a brand new feature for incognito tabs in Chrome. Accordingly, Android users will now be able to lock incognito tabs with methods such as password, fingerprint and face recognition.

in Google Chrome incognito tabA very useful feature for many people. With the help of this tab, users can ensure that their browsing history is kept confidential and their data is not recorded. Now, a new feature brought by Google seems to make those who use the incognito tab even happier.

In a blog post it published, Google now has users’ incognito tabs. He said he could lock. The feature will be widely available for Android users. For iOS, there was already such an option. Let’s also say that some Android users have been able to use this feature for a while. Now he’s debuting for everyone.

With the new feature, users of your phone will not be able to open your browser and see your incognito tabs.

With the new biometric verification feature, you can prevent someone else from entering your browser and incognito tabs when using your phone. blocking is intended. If we open a little more, once you start using the browser, you will be able to open the incognito tab normally. However, when you switch to another application and return to these tabs from Chrome, you will need to unlock the lock you set.

Google for unlock password, fingerprint or face recognition states that options such as Let’s add that there is no such locking feature for normal tabs.


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The feature, which has started to be offered to Android users, is in the ‘Settings’ section of Chrome.Privacy and Security’ section can be activated. Let’s not forget that it may not have come to everyone yet.

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