FCN still unbeaten – Härtel: “Nuremberg not invulnerable” – Bundesliga

Most recently, Hansa stopped the Darmstadt run in a 2-1 home win. Can the second division promoted Friday (6.30 p.m.) even annoy Nuremberg?

The Franks are the only team still unbeaten. Hansa trainer Jens Härtel (52): “They got off to a really good start, so of course we want to prove ourselves and build on the performance from the Darmstadt game. Nuremberg has a lot of energy on the pitch, a lot of joy in playing – but they are not completely invulnerable either. “

What he means: Against the two current Keller troops Aue and Ingolstadt, Nuremberg only managed a 0-0. Which could also be an advantage for Hansa: “It’s a young team. If the game doesn’t go that way – and the audience isn’t that patient either – then things can get restless and they may not be able to perform at their best. We saw it against Darmstadt: Before that, they played everything against the wall and didn’t perform like that against us. That is the mandate that we are uncomfortable and not let them get into the processes. “

Calogero Rizzuto is currently playing with a mask after a broken nose. Friday he wants to hurt the Nuremberg peoplePhoto: Lutz Bongarts

Unpleasant? A job for Calogero Rizzuto (27). He was recently ordered back into the defense. And is looking forward to it: “I like to go one-on-one at the front. But also to hurt people defensively so that they can’t get past me. “