Far Cry 6’s Post-Release Roadmap Has Been Announced

The post-release roadmap of Far Cry 6, which will be released on October 7, has been announced. According to the video of the announcement, players will be given dozens of free episodes and missions within months. Season Pass owners, which will offer 3 separate DLCs, will be able to dive into new adventures that include the baddies of their previous games.

Less than a month is left for the 6th game of Far Cry, one of Ubisoft’s most successful series, to be released. On top of that, the company announced the path to follow after the release of the game. “Path after launch” and of course, from paid memberships that will provide continuous innovation to the game and from DLCs we are talking about.

Ubisoft announced its post-release plan for Far Cry 6 with a new video. In the video, a lot of content was mentioned, from missions with characters to be taken from different series and movie universes to old villains of the series. In addition, Far Cry 6 Season Pass owners can enjoy the popular side game of the series. Far Cry 3: It will also have the Blood Dragon.

Far Cry 6’s post-release roadmap:

To start with the free content first; From the game’s release until March 2022, many additional missions, special ops, and weekly rebellions will be available to players. The beloved actor who appeared in the game in one of every 3 movies or TV series in December Danny Trejo the future. Then, the last guest of the ‘cross missions’, which will be covered with the Rambo theme in February, will be the Stranger Things series, which will be added to the game in March. Uprisings and special missions with action each week will be offered to the players at no additional cost.

As for paid content; Season Pass owners will receive 3 separate DLC packs and a copy of Far Cry: Blood Dragon. The DLCs in question mind of the villains of the previous 3 games will take. In addition, the sections where we will encounter the fears of the characters can be played in a CO-OP manner with a friend.

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