Famous Millionaire Robert Kiyosaki: USA Bankrupt, Buy Bitcoin!

Famous millionaire Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, called for Bitcoin (BTC) investors, arguing that the USA went bankrupt.

Millionaire Robert Kiyosaki is a recent social media in your post made striking statements. of the USA general government debt because have gone bankrupt Kiyosaki, who claimed Invited to buy bitcoin.

Followers in the description bitcoin, gold And silver Kiyosaki, who called to safe harbors such as

The politicians who have increased the US debt limit to 30 trillion dollars are discussing the bad comedy “kabuki theater”. The truth is that the USA went bankrupt. Liabilities not funded by Social Security alone are over $250 trillion. Financial market derivative debts expressed in quadrillions… What’s going on here! Get bitcoin, silver and gold.

He shared that the US economy is getting worse, the country’s government debt continues to rise And now Congress has to raise the US debt ceiling to avoid default. The idea of ​​raising $31.4 trillion He reminded me that he was arguing.

Only Social Security obligations that must be paid but not financed by 250 trillion dollars Kiyosaki, pointing out that the US centers derivatives market your debts astronomical to numbers stressed that.

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