Famous Analyst Commented on Bitcoin Ethereum and 2 Altcoins: These Levels are Opportunity!

Famous Youtuber and crypto analyst Michael van de Poppe evaluated the decline of Ethereum (ETH) as the best buying opportunity before the rally, and made various analyzes about Bitcoin (BTC) and two other altcoins.

Poppe January 18 on his official social media account. in his poststated that he has been closely interested in the opportunities in Ethereum in recent days. Analyst Ethereum’s current decline is a little longer that you can continue when specifying $1,460 level, the purchases to be made from this point will be given to the investors again. they will not meet until good deals claimed to offer.

Stating that there have been quite a lot of level tests for Bitcoin recently, the analyst said, 21,100 with 21,300 dollar is very important, if this level cannot be exceeded, prices will increase even more. can regress suggested.

An artificial intelligence project crypto currency that has been performing seriously recently. Fetch.ai (FET) Commenting on Poppe, $0.16 and $0.20 claimed that the range would be a good buying point.

The analyst, on the other hand, is popular among altcoins. Litecoin (LTC) as an advantageous buying zone for 76 pointed to the dollar levels and suggested that it is a strong opportunity zone.

CoinGecko data in the last 24 hours 1.2% appreciated 21,058 ETH when trading in dollars 1.7% by gaining value 1,557 dollars, FET 4.2% by gaining value $0.261 and LTC 1.7% by gaining value From $84.35 is being traded.

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