Fake Cryptocurrency Miner Admits to Fraud Charges: He Even Issued Tokens!

Marco Ruiz Ochoa, the former executive of IcomTech, which allegedly engaged in cryptocurrency mining, admitted to ponzi scheme charges.

Former IcomTech executive Marco Ruiz Ochoa pleaded guilty to charges filed by prosecutors during a hearing in a US court on Wednesday, September 27. “ponzi scheme” He accepted the accusations. Founder and former CEO Ochoa, most with a prison sentence of up to 20 years is on trial.

Company 2017 It started its operations at the end of 2018 and Claiming that he was mining cryptocurrency It offered investors jaw-dropping profit opportunities. One that doesn’t last too long pyramid scheme after your adventure By the end of 2018 investors money Do not Pull demands He started to have difficulty meeting it. IcomTech, It completely collapsed in 2019.

In the court file, IcomTech’s investors Hundreds of thousands of dollars were “siphoned off” While it was stated, no details about the net amount were shared.

Prosecutors say IcomTech never is not involved in cryptocurrency mining or cryptocurrency trading as shown and does not receive any information from investors in the process. that they spend money for ostentation and their own interests. he had suggested.

IcomTech management team appears to be working by giving the money they received from new investors to old investors. imaginary system While stating that these activities created obviously ponzi scheme It was emphasized that it complies with the concept.

However, IcomTech managers are involved in events held with customers just to create a false image that their business is successful. luxury clothes And with luxury vehicles He stated that he was leaving.

The fake mining company also He even issued a token called “Icom”. The company stated that the Icom tokens in question will be transferred over time. as a means of payment by large companies He made statements that it would be accepted and its value would increase rapidly. However, these tokens never experienced the rise as claimed and did nothing more than cause more harm to investors as hollow, worthless assets.

U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Damian Williams In his statement, he said that anyone who uses cryptocurrencies for fraudulent activities intimidation gave:

Today’s criminal complaint sends a clear message that we are on the hunt for anyone looking to leverage cryptocurrency to commit fraud.

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