Facts You Will Be Surprised To Hear About Rabbits

Our friends, Rabbits, who have a very small and cute appearance, actually have a lot of features that we do not know. We have prepared a list of information about rabbits for you and compiled the characteristics of rabbits.

When we look at the living things in nature from the outside, “how?” It has quite a lot of features. One of these creatures is our white and cute friends, Rabbits. We have compiled information about these lovely friends that we have never heard before and that we have heard wrong. Information about rabbits In our list, you will learn all the information, especially that our white and furry friends don’t actually like carrots that much.

Characteristics of rabbitsWe can say that it is a little different from other living things in nature. Both their physical characteristics and living spaces actually keep them a little different. These mammals have the capacity to even eat their own poop when needed. If you wish, without further ado, our lovely friends information about rabbits Let’s move on to our list.

Interesting facts about rabbits:

Rabbits’ favorite food isn’t carrots

yes, one Bugs Bunny The myth of “rabbits grow by eating carrots”, which we know as a myth, is actually not true. Rabbits don’t really like to eat root vegetables. In their daily lives, they prefer to fill their stomachs by consuming things such as clover and wild herbs. There is no such thing as rabbits constantly eating carrots. Sure, they can eat carrots from time to time. But constantly eating carrots is a very risky situation in terms of health.

Could be a human-sized rabbit

big rabbit

When we say rabbit, the first thing that comes to our minds is our little and cute friends. But some bunnies, even if they are cute, may not be that tiny. Some rabbits can be almost the size of a small child. In fact, some rabbits are exactly 2.5 meters length and 22 kilos can reach weight.

Baby rabbits can also be called kittens.

baby rabbit

Rabbits have different names based on their size. For example, adult rabbits dollar it is called. Baby rabbits are often called cats. Female rabbits are what they usually are. They don’t have any extra names whatsoever. But this is not so for male and baby rabbits.

They start breeding quite early


The phrase “breeding like a rabbit” actually has a basis. RabbitsThey can start breeding when they are between 3 and 8 months old. Afterwards, they continue to reproduce during their lifetime, which can last for a maximum of 12 years.

What happens if rabbits are happy?: “Binky”

bunny jump

We say this all the time, rabbits pretty cute animals. In fact, if you spend a whole day with a rabbit, you can easily see how cute moves they make. Because rabbits constantly jump and try to bend when they are happy. You can also see movements that you have not seen before at such times. The cuteness that rabbits do when they are happy is called binky.

They can eat their own poop

Two Rabbits

Yes, to a certain extent. Rabbits do what they do after digesting their food. being able to eat their poop again have features. No matter how bad it looks from the outside, rabbits eat their poop in their diet. However, rabbits have a very specific type of poop. Rabbits, who have a very fast digestive system, can reabsorb the nutrients their bodies missed for the first time when they eat their poop again.

Just like cats, rabbits can clean themselves.

rabbit and cat

When your cats need that they can clean themselves by licking we know. The same feature is also found in our little and cute friends, the rabbits. Rabbits do not need constant bathing like other pets. They can easily clean themselves by licking when necessary. Let’s not go without saying that these cute friends are very hygienic animals.

Rabbits can never vomit


Rabbits’ digestive system never works in reverse. So, for example, while a cat may vomit after a certain amount of time because of anything it has swallowed, rabbits never vomit. Rabbits keep most of the things they swallow in their digestive systems along with the roughage they eat. In this way, no matter what happens, their systems do not work in reverse and they do not vomit.

Our little and cute friends can see everywhere

rabbit eye

your rabbits Fields of view are very wide. In other words, whatever comes in front of them, from the side, from above, behind them, rabbits can easily see and notice it. Rabbits have nearly 360 degrees of vision. This allows them to get rid of many dangers that may come in nature much faster. In fact, we can say that the wide field of vision of rabbits provides great advantages in their daily lives.

tremendous jumping abilities

jumping rabbit

Rabbits are enormous thanks to their hind legs. jumping features exists. These hind legs, which allow them to get rid of their predators much faster in a danger, have achieved a lot of success in the Guinness World Records. For example, the highest rabbit jump to date is 3.26 feet high. The longest rabbit was able to jump 10 feet away. In fact, from time to time, such competitions are held for rabbits.

Rabbits teeth never stop growing

rabbit female

Rabbits’ teeth never stop growing. Just like humans’ nails grow, rabbits’ teeth grow constantly, just like humans. Teeth of a normal rabbit, per year 5 inches can be extended. In this way, even if their teeth are damaged, they can still easily compensate for this by growing. You may even have seen some rabbits suffer from very large teeth.

It’s almost impossible to catch a rabbit

rabbit run

Rabbits are animals that are almost impossible to catch thanks to their features. Thanks to their eyes, ears, and hind legs that allow them to jump quite fast, they can escape faster from predators who want to hunt them. However, as rabbits run, their hind tails will constantly zigzag. This, in turn, distracts the hunter who follows him. Rabbits, up to 18 mph they can reach.

Custom Warrens tunnels

warrens tunnels

Rabbits have each private room Warrens tunnels they dig and sleep there. They make these tunnels themselves and have a rather complex structure. Tunnels have exits that allow rabbits to escape in case of danger, and some tunnels can reach up to 10 meters below the ground.

Our lovely friends for you characteristics of rabbits and information about rabbits we gathered together. Rabbits are known for being cute and fast animals. The biggest known information about rabbits, that they constantly eat carrots, is actually not true, as we said above. What do you guys think about rabbits? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments.

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