Exciting Claim About Apple’s Mixed AR/VR Headset

It turned out that Apple will add features to the highly anticipated mixed reality glasses that will allow even those who do not know coding to practice. Allegedly, users will be able to make applications using Siri.

For a long time Apple mixed reality glasses It was rumored that it would enter a brand new category by removing it. So for nowReality Pro’ There were often different claims about the device called For example, one of the things was that the glasses would have an App Store with third party apps.

Today, new information about the title has emerged. A report shared by The Information suggests that Apple has more for the device. your ambitious plans It showed that it will come with features that will make users happy.

Apple wants to let non-coding people build apps with Siri

According to The Information, the tech giant does not want people who don’t know any coding. using Siri He wants to allow him to make applications for glasses. These claims are based on four people who are stated to be working on Reality Pro.

The report stated that this step will be taken to make it easy for users to make their own augmented reality (AR) apps and publish them on the App Store. Allegedly, from the voice assistant Siri based on real life objects Asking for help building something.

In this way, there will be no need to create anything from scratch for AR applications. The report also states that real-life objects can be scanned and transferred to the header to make them look 3D and realistic.


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We have seen similar features like this in other virtual reality devices. In Meta’s Quest titles Horizon Worlds There was an app called This app allowed people to create 3D environments without coding.

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