Erdoğan Made a Statement After the Cabinet Meeting

The Presidential Cabinet Meeting has just ended. At the meeting, President Erdoğan talked about exorbitant prices, the dollar rate and the minimum wage, which are among the most talked about problems of the last period.

The cabinet meeting, chaired by President Erdogan this evening, has just ended. The main topics of today’s meeting are; dollar rate, interest, inflation and exorbitant prices.

Noting that regardless of the increase in the exchange rate, excessive increases can be seen in market prices, Erdoğan said that exorbitant prices will not be allowed. The President also gave the message that an update to the minimum wage could be included in the works carried out against these prices.

Investment, production, employment policy:

Speaking at the cabinet meeting about the exorbitant prices, which have not been on the agenda of the country for a long time, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan mentioned that market prices, which increased excessively due to the dollar exchange rate, would be prevented. “We will lead our nation out of this economic liberation war with victory” Erdogan said on the subject “Nobody should doubt that the way to employment, which is our priority in our country, is through investment and growth. We are determined to do the right thing for our country and nation with our investment, production and employment policy instead of high interest and low exchange rates, which have been tried for a long time in the past. We are particularly determined to follow the market movements of the exchange rate.. We care about investment and export for this reason. This is why we do not greet the prescriptions of the mandate economists.” used expressions.


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Stating that the exchange rate is used as an excuse for price increases in the markets and in the market in general, Erdoğan said, Using the rise in the exchange rate as an excuse We will not turn a blind eye to opportunists who make exorbitant price increases, and we will beat them all. With this policy, we know very well why we are doing it and what we will achieve in the end. Moreover, we have not implemented this policy immediately.” he said.

President Erdoğan pointed out that another step in the fight against exorbitant prices would be the minimum wage, which has been on the agenda for a long time. An update to the minimum wage Erdogan, stating the possibility of “We will continue our policy of protecting our employees against price increases at minimum wage.” used the phrases.

After the statements, the dollar broke the record again


In addition, in his speech after the cabinet meeting, Erdoğan said that “competitiveness in the exchange rate leads to an increase in investment, production and employment” and mentioned that the price increase due to the increase in the exchange rate does not directly affect investment, production and employment. After these words, the dollar rose again with a record increase. It is up 1% daily to surpass 11.47.

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