End Privacy Controversies With A Set Of New Features From Metamask

Crypto wallet MetaMask has released a new version of both its web and mobile app, detailing a number of features that will put an end to the controversy and increase privacy.

MetaMask shared the details in a recent blog post, announcing that it has released a new version with a number of features that will improve privacy. Users own more control over privacy rights will provide new version available remote procedure call (RPC) providerI infura came after the privacy discussions in private.

In the previous version, when users wanted to add any blockchain on MetaMask Infura RPC was using the node, but according to recent reports, this connection is full address revealed that critical information such as such was shared with Infura.

In the blog post shared by the team, the importance of privacy was mentioned with the following statements:

Data abuse goes against MetaMask’s core values. Instead, we believe in equipping our community with the founding principles that guide our development. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users so you will not be exploited by any other central entity.

The MetaMask team, describing this information sharing with the third party as a violation, told its users during the installation in the new version. “advanced configuration” This provides a number of configurable options, including a setting that allows users to select a different RPC node from the default Infura node.

users thanks to advanced configuration incoming transactions, phishing detection And advanced token detection they can easily turn it off manually.

In particular, a blockchain RPCallows access to a server node in the specified network and allows you to communicate and interact with that blockchain. this link critical for decentralized applications however, if misused, it can cause major privacy issues.

On the other hand, a similar privacy enhancement option is MetaMask’s new mobile version was also applied to In the previous version of the app, users had an account. Web3 app was not allowed to disconnect another account. At this point, users have the option to connect only all of them or not to connect any of them, while with the latest innovation, individual bindings and not revealing their other accounts were offered.

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