Elon Musk Is Looking For CEOs Who Shoot Their Ads From Twitter

Elon Musk, who made big changes on the platform after purchasing Twitter, cannot get the ads he wants. It turned out that Musk finally called and complained to the CEOs of companies that pulled their ads from the platform.

Elon Musk-Twitter buying process, which turns into a snake story, Musk’s platform $44 billion resulted in the purchase of such a large sum of money. While the steps taken by Musk were criticized after this purchase, many companies stopped advertising on the platform.

Due to this situation, their plans were interrupted. Muskhad previously begged companies to change their minds. Now it has been learned that Musk has called the CEOs of companies that have given up advertising on Twitter and filed a complaint.

Musk’s calls backfired

After Twitter changed hands, the platform of the top 100 advertisers More than half had stopped their Twitter ads because of “controversial issues” and “warnings from media buyers”. Musk’s call to the CEO of companies on this issue is also to the Financial Times reversed accordingly.

According to the names in the industry, in the last period Twitter’s advertising department companies cannot have much contact with. The reason for this is that after the last layoffs, the companies could not find much of an interlocutor, even if they wanted to.

Speaking to the Financial Times on the subject representatives from major advertising agencies, “This situation is quite special. Reactions, damage, nothing of this magnitude has ever happened before. none” had used the words.

Musk’s approaches have been before from representatives of civil society organizations also reacted. Derrick Johnson, President of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Black People), called for those who continue to advertise on the platform to stop advertising immediately with a tweet. Johnson also described Musk’s poll to lift Trump’s Twitter ban as nonsense.

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