Efficiency of Solana (SOL) Network Proves Again: How Much Energy Does 1 Transaction Consume?

Solana (SOL), which is shown as the biggest competitor of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by total market value, definitely seems to rival all cryptocurrencies, including BTC, in terms of energy consumption.

It turns out that doing a single transaction on the Solana network actually consumes less energy than two Google searches. This means 24 times less energy than charging your phone.

Solana Proves An Energy-Friendly Network

According to the information provided by the Solana Foundation, 0.00051 kWh of energy is used for a single transaction on the network. According to the information provided by Google, making a single search uses an average of 0.0003 kWh of energy.

The report also highlights that the Solana network consumes an average of 3,186,000 kWh of energy in a single year, which is equivalent to the energy consumption of 986 American households in a year.

The Solana Foundation hired Robert Murphy to write a report on energy consumption last May, and this research comes from exactly that person. Working as the World Bank’s Energy Specialist, Murphy has officially proven Solana’s energy-friendly network.

The Solana network, however, is not any more decentralized than Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is known that there are 1,196 validators on the network, and there are more validators on both the ETH and BTC network. However, it is known that the Solana network is slowly starting to collect more validators.

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