Dyson Introduces Its Quietest, Most Powerful Air Purifier

Dyson introduced the quietest and most powerful air cleaner in Turkey at the event it held in Istanbul.

Dyson, which has a great popularity in the world and in our country, especially in cleaning goods, introduced its new air cleaner device in Turkey. Dyson’s new air cleaner now brings with it a brand new design.

Dyson, which offers a hollow and aesthetic structure until today in air cleaners, will now switch to a cylindrical base and a half-ellipse shaped head.

Introducing the new Dyson air cleaner:

Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde”, the new air cleaners came with two different models for home and professional environments. But the difference between these models is only on the remote and in air purification modes Emerges. The cleaning capacity and all other features of the device are the same in both models.

The new air cleaner weighs about 12 kilograms and has a height of 83 centimeters. Although the device has a different physical structure in its design, Dyson luxury continues to reflect in all aspects.

dyson air purifier

Moving on to the cleaning capacity, we again come across quite impressive numbers. air cleaner, air in a closed area of ​​100 square meters can easily clean.

It also has a capacity of 400 liters per second and up to 10 meters away It can provide air flow, reaching even the furthest corners in a large room.

One of the biggest items that makes the device stand out is its silence. According to Dyson’s statement, despite its impressive air-purifying capacity, the device is only 56 decibels making noise.

dyson air purifier

The device detects many pollutants in the air, including solid-state formaldehyde, temperature, humidity, gas and particles, on the MyDyson mobile app and LED display real time also presents data.

According to company data 99.95% of viruses and particles in the air is eliminated by the air cleaner. Behind this success lies a 21 meter HEPA filter and carbon filter. Moreover, the HEPA filter, 2.5 years lifetime in 24/7 use promises.

The home model of the new Dyson air cleaner will have much more personal settings, unlike the professional model.

Türkiye price of the product has not been announced yet. If abroad from $900 selling.


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