Duchess Meghan’s critic: new mega job for Piers Morgan! – People

He’s good at rumbling … and can now do it again on TV.

Riot journalist Piers Morgan (56) lost his lucrative post on British breakfast television in March because of Duchess Meghan (40). NOW he’s back – and has caught a mega job!

As a reminder: After Meghan had spoken openly about her suicidal thoughts in an interview with Oprah Winfrey (67), Morgan sharply criticized her on the TV show “Good Morning Britain”. Even if she read a weather report, he wouldn’t believe her, he said. Meghan then complained to the station boss. Consequence: Morgan lost his job as a moderator. But the vicious TV man did not give in.

In the summer, he even gave opponent Meghan the nickname “Princess Pinocchio” on social networks. The message: Meghan likes to tell Stuss.

So it goes now for Piers Morgan

Will the moderator continue to nag Harry’s wife at his new employer? Allegedly. After all, he’s good at it – and peppered. Morgan is one of the most high-profile TV journalists in the country and is known for his sharp criticism of politicians and stars.

Now Morgan announces: He will soon become a member of the “News Corporation” of media mogul Rupert Murdoch (90) – and will get a fat TV show!

“We will have lots of fun”

The 56-year-old has signed a contract for several shows that will start on the new “talkTV” channel in early 2022 and will be shown in Great Britain, the USA and Australia. Meghan could watch him peasy from California.

Morgan is also to receive newspaper columns for the tabloids “New York Post” (USA) and “The Sun” (Great Britain). A new book is also being planned.

“I’m going home, we’re going to have a lot of fun,” predicts Morgan.

Thumbs up! Meghan won’t be amused, but Piers Morgan is back Photo: Getty Images

The moderator continued: “I want my global television show to be a fearless forum for lively debates and interviews that set topics. And a place that celebrates the right of every individual to have an opinion and to vigorously question and challenge these opinions. “

ONE will not feel like having fun with these words: Duchess Meghan.