Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry: Royals booed at award show! – Royals

Prince Harry (36) and his wife Meghan (40) used to be THE royal dream couple. But their popularity is dwindling day by day. Now they are even being booed!

A milestone that broke the barrel for most people: the Sussexes’ scandalous interview on US TV. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey (67), Harry and Meghan made a lot of accusations against the British royal family in March 2021, including allegations of bullying and racism.

Meghan and Harry unpacked at Oprah Winfrey about the British royal familyPhoto: Handout ./VIA REUTERS

This is exactly what was shown at the National Television Awards, which were presented last week at London’s O2 arena, in a compilation of the most iconic TV moments of the past twelve months.

Obviously an outrage for the local audience!

What the TV viewers of the live broadcast, which was broadcast by ITV, did not see: The drop-out royals Harry and Meghan were barely seen on the screen than it became restless in the hall.

“Immediately there were audible boos throughout the arena,” an eyewitness later explained to the British “Daily Mail”. Another reported: “Some people screamed and laughed. There were a few embarrassed faces. Especially Meghan was obviously not very popular that evening. “

Good for Harry and Meghan that they weren’t there …

The fall of the couple in the favor of the British is also confirmed by a survey: According to the opinion research institute “YouGov”, Harry is only well received by 34 percent of his compatriots, Meghan even by only 26 percent.

In the US, where their Oprah interview was seen by over 17 million people, Harry and Meghan could still be celebrated: “Oprah with Meghan & Harry: A CBS Primetime Special” is for an Emmy Award (will take place on September 19th ) nominated.