Donald Trump May Return To Twitter Soon

It has been claimed that former US President Donald Trump will leave Truth Social, the social media platform he founded, and return to Twitter. Allegedly, Trump will return without extending his deal with Truth Social.

Former US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account was permanently suspended after the Capitol raid in early 2021. Trump, who was banned from many platforms, later established his own social media platform. This platform, similar to Twitter, was called ‘Truth Social’.

After Elon Musk bought Twitter, Trump’s account opened back. However, the famous businessman and politician has not yet returned to the platform. Now, there have been some developments regarding this issue.

Trump may quit Truth Social and return to Twitter

According to the information received, he has a relationship with Truth Social, which Trump helped start from scratch. agreement exists. This obliges the business person to make all their posts on Truth Social first, and to wait six hours to share the same post on another platform.

A report by Rolling Stone, citing two people close to the issue, shows that Trump does not want to extend the deal and plans to return to Twitter. In another news broadcast by NBC last week, it was reported that Trump’s team made a request to Facebook’s parent company Meta to restore his account.

Both reports revealed that the former US president wants to return to popular platforms. Trump’s Twitter account now is open Let me state it again. However, the most recent tweet on the account was posted on January 8, 2021.


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Trump’s deal with Truth Social June will end in the month. The main reason he wants to return to Twitter and Facebook is in 2024. to run for reelection It may be that he wants to reach more people because he wants to. Truth Social, on the other hand, still survives because of Trump’s presence. This reveals that in case of any separation, the platform may collapse.

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