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No matter what you use the internet for, your connection speed is important. If the internet connection speed is low, even accessing websites and in-site pages takes time. Because speedtest In other words, doing an internet speed test is important for your internet comfort. Thanks to the test, you can find out how many Mbps your internet connection is in seconds. However, you can also get an idea of ​​the quality of your internet connection.

See the quality of your connection with the internet speed test

When you get internet service from any internet service provider, there will be a connection speed information available to you. However, sometimes internet service providers cannot stick to this internet speed information they offer. Depending on various reasons, your internet speed may decrease or it may be reduced by the service provider. In order to realize this situation, you first need to test your internet speed.

One of the advantages of doing an internet speed test is that it offers the chance to see the delays in the data sent and received, that is, your ping. Thus, you can easily access both the data sending speed and the data download speed provided by the internet service provider.

By the way, your internet speed may not only be related to service providers. The quality of various hardware such as the modem you use and your cable connections can also affect your internet speed. Therefore, performing the said test at regular intervals will allow you to have more reliable information.

How to do internet speed test?

Within the scope of this test, first of all, location information is determined. Then, a connection is established with the closest server to your location. A data is sent to the server you are using and a response is received from the server. The signal sent to the server and the received signal speed also determine your internet speed.

When the sending and receiving of signals is completed, the download process starts. The purpose of the download process is to evaluate the communication between the computer you are using and the server. Thus, the speed at which the data reaches your computer, the speed at which the computer downloads the data and whether there is data loss are determined.

If you want to test your internet connection speed in the fastest and easiest way, you can visit You can start the test and measure your internet speed on this platform without paying any fee, without membership, without dealing with procedures.

One click is all it takes to start the internet connection speed test on the speed test page! Finally, let us also convey that thanks to this test, you have the chance to see the maximum speed provided by the internet infrastructure you are using.

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