Doctors Think There Should Be More Organ Emojis

Emojis have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. There are hundreds of emojis suitable for situations, from how we feel at that moment to what we do and what we eat; However, according to Shuna He, a doctor, the use of emojis in medicine is very important and should be much more common.

Emergency medicine doctor who helped develop the anatomical heart and lung emoji Shuna HeAccording to the medical world to more emojis needs. Shuhan He and a few others, communication between patient and doctor He argues that more health-related emojis should be created to improve

In recent years stethoscope, hearing aid, bone and germs Emojis related to medicine and health such as Unicode Standardhas entered. last week JAMAAccording to a paper published in Shuna He and other authors, Unicode can be used for medical contexts. stomach, liver, intestine next to organs such as serum He hopes that it will also approve such equipment.

The use of emojis can strengthen patient-doctor communication:

He,We are aware that patients tend to be highly associated with certain pathologies when they say certain words in medicine., ” says. For example, people often use phrases like “like an elephant sitting on my chest” to describe chest pains. Regarding this, HeWe constantly ask people what their pain looks like: Is it a sharp pain, stabbing, mild or severe? These are all emojis that can be represented by visual formats rather than verbal communication. ” says.

He says emoji-like images are already widely used in medicine. For example, it was originally developed for children but is now used by patients of all ages. Wong-Baker pain scale There is a crying face at one end and a smiling face at the other. If facial expressions are already part of medical communication, why not standardize it as a visual language on people’s phones?

According to He, there are many areas where emojis can be used in medicine. non-speaking or non-English People can use emojis to describe the symptoms of their illness. also your telehealth With the rise of healthcare professionals, they can support their communication with visuals.

patient and doctor

An organization that advocates the creation of more comprehensive and representative emojis. emojico-founder of Jennifer 8. Lee,The use of emojis in medicine is quite interesting, especially since we are dealing with high risks and strong cultural practices, “he says and The more we can thrive in a curated universal environment, the better for us in the long run. ‘ he adds.

If the industry as a whole, professional organizations cared, they could move the needle, According to Lee, medical organizations can be successful if they identify important potential emojis and work to include them.

In the medical field, it may seem like emojis shouldn’t be a top priority; however, according to He, anything that makes the communication between the doctor and the patient healthy is worth trying. He dedicated to this, “We cannot be good doctors if we cannot communicate. And so it’s all about being a good doctor. ” says.

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