Districts That Meet the “Province Becoming” Criteria in Turkey Have Been Announced

25 districts that have the potential to become a province in Turkey have been announced. The districts that came to light with the data announced by TUIK are much larger than some provinces in Turkey.

Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT), “Address-Based Population Registration System Results” published its report. Thus, the population in our country was determined separately according to provinces and districts. The data announced by TÜİK, Districts candidate to become a province It also made it easier to understand.

For a district to become a province 8 criteria It has to meet. Population comes first among these. According to the relevant laws, a district must have a population of 100 thousand in order to become a province. On the other hand; from the province to which this district belongs at least 30 kilometers away A certain economic and educational level must be reached. Here is the data published by TÜİK today, enabling us to understand the districts that have the potential to become provinces in Turkey.

There are 25 districts in Turkey that have the potential to become a province

Considering TÜİK data, it has the potential to become a province. There are 25 districts is seen. Of course, this does not mean that the districts we will share shortly will definitely be provinces. Unless the government makes a decision on the issue, these places will continue to be referred to as districts. What are the districts that have the potential to become a province in Turkey? which ones?

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Districts that have the potential to become a province:

District Province of affiliation Its population
midyat mardin 108,242
Yuksekova Hakkari 112,826
kahta Adıyaman 120,378
Edremit Balikesir 121,437
Polatlı Ankara 122,424
Unye Army 122,597
Ergani Diyarbakir 126,824
Kozan Adana 129,985
Cizre Sirnak 133,908
Elbistan Kahramanmaraş 142,783
Ereğli Konya 142,818
luleburgaz Kırklareli 145,263
Dip Balikesir 149,469
Fethiye mugla 151,474
Nazilli Intellectual 153,879
Akhisar Manisa 166,129
Erciş van 173,203
Ereğli Zonguldak 174,619
Manavgat Antalya 224,664
Iskenderun Hatay 246,639
Siverek Sanliurfa 250,100
Corlu Tekirdag 253,551
İnegöl Bursa 255,032
Alanya Antalya 294,558
Tarsus Myrtle 329,494

Most of the above provinces have a population of 172 thousand 356. artvinwith a population of 148 thousand 539 Gumushanewhich has a population of 89 thousand 317 Tunceliwhich has a population of 86 thousand 47 Bayburtwhich has a population of 92 thousand 819 Ardahan and has a population of 155 thousand 179 ReportDistricts much larger than . This being the case, the majority of the districts in question have hopes of becoming a province. We will see over time whether such a thing will come true or not.

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