Did EA make a mistake by parting with FIFA? FC 24 could not get the start it wanted!

Boss of football with EA Fifa Things are apparently not going well for EA FC 24, which was released recently after the end of the 30-year partnership between the two. According to users, football simulation contains critical errors that harm the game experience and accordingly, the game Steam Their reviews were also not tagged as expected.

Negative reviews rain down on EA FC 24 on Steam

Within a new game contains various errors It’s perfectly normal. However SteamWhen we look at the user reviews on EA FC 24, this situation is much more than expected. Because currently, 40 percent of the game’s reviews are negative, and therefore its overall reviews are labeled as mixed.

A barrage of negative reviews for EA FC 24 on Steam

Negative examination The common point of those who give the scores is the annoying mistakes in the production. One user even stated that he had been buying EA’s football simulations on the first day they were released since 2002 and said that the latest game was the worst ever. shooting He said he presented his experience. In addition, he stated that errors and lag problems in gameplay made it impossible to enjoy the game.

He was angered by the players!  Here is the game that was flooded with negative comments on Steam

He was angered by the players! Here is the game that was flooded with negative comments on Steam

The recently released heist game Payday 3 was flooded with negative comments by players.

Problems that harm the gaming experience, such as the ones above, are expected to be largely resolved with updates released in the future. At the same time, considering that EA is an active developer regarding the update, it is possible to say that players will not have to experience such problems for a long time.

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