Development Kit Released for Modding Metro Exodus

4A Game Studio, the producer of Metro Exodus, gave the development kit, which paves the way for modding the game, as a free gift to all Metro Exodus owners.

The first Metro book, written by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky and released in 2002, did not attract much attention outside of Russia and Ukraine at its release, but it was the first Metro game adapted from the book by a small team in 2010. resonated all over the world.

The last game of the series, Exodus, was highly appreciated by the players. However, there was a small shortcoming about the game, The game did not support mods.. Until now.

A statement came from the producer studio that pleased both players and modders.

4A Games Studio, the producer of the Metro series, made an announcement on the official websites of the game. software development kit (SDK) to all Metro Exodus owners free announced it was presented. Stating that the player community wants mods and they are also warm to these mods, the Ukraine-based team stated that they cannot spare time for these mods at the moment, thanks to the SDK of the game. that anyone who wants can mod Metro Exodus explained.

Stating that they are aware of the Metro Exodus mod concepts circulating on the internet and made with different game engines, the team also partnered with games such as Snowrunner, Insurgency and Space Engineers to facilitate the modding of the game. announced their agreement with In this way, every player will be able to develop and download mods for Metro Exodus via

The producer company announced that the SDK package includes an editor for in-game editing, a visual code editor for changing visual effects and skins, and a sandbox tool. So in short you will have everything that was used in the development of the game. You can even remake old Metro games in Metro Exodus if you want.


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4A Games Studio, the SDK package offered it is completely free and states that they will not claim any rights on the mods made. However, there is only one condition for you to use these tools, the prepared mods are prepared without commercial concerns. So all mods prepared using this SDK have to be free.

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