Developed ‘Anti-Solar Panel’ That Generates Electricity At Night

Scientists announced that they have developed an ‘anti-Solar’ panel to benefit from the energy of the Sun even at night. The panel, which uses a special diode, is promising for the future, although it cannot produce enough energy for anything for now.

As the worldwide demand for renewable energy continues to rise, scientists Technologies to transform continues to work for In this context, a revolutionary discovery was made for solar energy, which is the most preferred type of renewable energy.

In their new research, which they published recently, scientists have discovered a new technology that allows solar panels to produce energy at night. ‘anti-Solar panel’ announced their development. The technology makes use of infrared energy, which emerges as the earth cools at night, as opposed to the way solar panels obtain energy from the sun’s rays and thus from heat.

Infrared energy is converted into usable energy:

The newly developed technology by scientists makes use of the materials found in night vision goggles. The new technology emerges in the process of the Earth’s warming and cooling at night. converts infrared energy into usable energy. This process is called the ‘thermoradiative’ process. Tests with the developed prototype showed that the technology can offer a small amount of energy for now.

To take advantage of this process, special ‘mercury cadmium telluride (CTM)‘ diode was able to produce about 2.26 milliwatts/square meter of energy when heated to 20 degrees. Although this energy is insufficient to heat only a glass of water, with the development of technology, 1/10 of the energy produced by the solar panel can be produced is stated..


Revolutionary Solar Panel Developed: It Can Generate Electricity Even At Night!

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