Data of 487 million WhatsApp users stolen!

Meta’s instant messaging application WhatsApp has active users from all over the world. However, the high number of users also brings security problems. It has been revealed that WhatsApp, which has come to the fore with security problems many times in the past, has now stolen the data of 500 million users.

Phone numbers of 487 million WhatsApp users stolen!

The data of 487 million WhatsApp users was put up for sale in an ad on a hacker forum. According to the information given in the announcement, only the phone numbers of the users are included in the stolen database.

The source of the news, Cybernews, requested sample data from hackers for evidence. When checking the correctness of the phone numbers registered to 1097 US and 817 UK sent for testing, it was confirmed that all of them were WhatsApp users.

Meta disclosed the social media operation of the USA!

Meta disclosed the social media operation of the USA!

Meta exposed the US military’s fake social media operation. People linked to the USA created fake accounts. Here are the details.

Egypt, Italy and the USA are among the countries affected by the stolen data. It is stated that 19 million WhatsApp users from Turkey are in the database. Here are all countries and the number of users affected;

Country Number of users
Sweetcorn 44 million 823 thousand
Italy 35 million 677 thousand
United States of America 32 million 315 thousand
Saudi Arabia 28 million 804 thousand
France 19 million 848 thousand
Turkey 19 million 638 thousand
Morocco 18 million 939 thousand
Colombia 17 million 957 thousand
Iraq 17 million 116 thousand
Africa 14 million 323 thousand
Mexican 13 million 330 thousand
Malaysia 11 million 675 thousand
United Kingdom 11 million 522 thousand
Spain 10 million 894 thousand
Russia 9 million 996 thousand
Brazil 8 million 64 thousand
Australia 7 million 320 thousand
India 6 million 162 thousand
Germany 6 million 54 thousand
Finland 1 million 381 thousand
Austria 1 million 249 thousand
Chinese 670 thousand
Greece 617 thousand
Japan 428 thousand
Cyprus 152 thousand

Meta has not yet made any statement on the subject. If the allegedly stolen data is real, it is possible to say that a quarter of users registered with the application are affected. Because WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users, and hackers state that only active users are in the database.

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