Curtain Rising on Popular Meme Coin: Mysterious Share Did Not Meet Expectations!

The highly anticipated announcement of the popular meme coin FLOKI (FLOKI) did not live up to expectations.

FLOKI Thursday, October 12 In the announcement made on social media on the day, 17 October He hinted that he would share an important development in his history. highly anticipated announcement It finally arrived but did not meet expectations. In the statement made by the team, “FlokiFi Locker” The updated version of the protocol called 14 EVMs harmoniously to mainnet It was announced that it had passed.

FlokiFi Locker currently supports to 12 blockchains In addition 2 new networks While it was announced that these two new networks were added base And opBNB It was stated that.

With the new updates, users have a new option for FlokiFi Locker. affiliate program by creating the link LP (Liqudity Pool) from transactions 25% transaction fee savings will be able to provide. However, in the previous version Tether (USDT) Since the locking requirement is eliminated, users will be able to carry out their transactions without the need to lock any stablecoin.

Users also LP tokens, ERC-1155 tokens and NFTs directly via FlokiFi Locker they can burn.

Additionally, FlokiFi Locker users will be able to extend their locked time as they wish before their LP locks expire. According to the team, these features are the features of FlokiFi Locker. to adopt while increasing more carrying out the transaction will pave the way for:

The upgraded version of FlokiFi Locker comes with many new and exciting features that will accelerate the adoption of the protocol and increase the demand and usage of the FLOKI token.

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