Cryptocurrency Promise to Venezuelan Citizens: Scholarships Will Be Given to Students!

Venezuela has definitely signed one of the firsts in the world with the crypto currency called Petro. The oil-backed cryptocurrency, which has been talked about a lot in the past years, has drawn the reaction of Venezuela and the whole world.

Petro, who was persistently forced to be used in various elements by the government, cannot be mentioned much nowadays. The recognition of crypto money initiated by Petro seems to continue at full speed in the country.

Venezuela Will Start Offering Cryptocurrency Scholarships

A candidate for governor from Venezuela has offered to give scholarships to residents of the city in cryptocurrency if elected. Students who attend a special section for the mining and crypto money sector will be able to benefit from this scholarship.

Representing the country’s ruling party, Jose Alejandro Teran promised this within the scope of the program called La Guaira Digital, emphasizing that this was actually such a step towards stabilizing the country’s economy.

Teran’s training center will offer expertise especially in NFTs, cryptocurrency mining and trading, and will train students for this field.

The crypto money scholarship in question is mostly Axie Infinity (AXS) will be emphasized. In addition, a cryptocurrency called Cryptoassets (SUNACRIP) can be given as a scholarship.

Teran stated that he has a target of 1000 employments per year and that they will be proud to offer crypto money scholarships to these employees and students. Latin America certainly continues to increase its influence in the cryptocurrency space.

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