Cryptocurrency Mobility in FTX and Alameda Linked Wallets!

One of the most notorious bankruptcies of 2022 and Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencydealt a great blow to FTX‘s bankruptcy has done a lot of damage to investors and the industry.

BTC and addresses associated with FTX and its sister company Alameda Research became active after a long time as the crypto industry tried to shake off the bad impact of FTX’s bankruptcy.

Platform examining in-chain transactions lookonchain69.64 million of the three addresses associated with FTX/Alameda in his post on Twitter USDT’transferred the yi to the address “0xad6e” and 43 million USDT coinbase, Binance And Kraken stated that it was sent to the stock exchanges.

“3 addresses related to FTX/Alameda transferred 69.64M USDT to address “0xad6e”.

At the same time, 43 million USDT was transferred to Binance, Coinbase and Kraken.

And 75.94 million USDC was transferred to the Coinbase Custody Wallet.”

While the activity in these FTX and Alameda-linked wallets has caused speculation, some investors have argued that these may be related to FTX’s liquidation process, as FTX is trying to collect all the funds it can to repay its investors as much as possible.

In addition, these transfers were interpreted as a sign that FTX is trying to liquidate its assets and reimburse its investors as part of the liquidation process.

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