Critical Development for Shibarium: Shiba Inu Network Continues to Grow!

Shiba Inu In a major development for the ecosystem, Shibarium node provider NOWNodes and Shibarium Technology (ShibTech), the network’s in-house multi-bot development project, have joined forces in a landmark partnership. The collaboration promises to reshape the landscape of Shiba Inu blockchain capabilities by providing users with a seamless and efficient experience.

ShibTech enthusiastically stated that it has gained exclusive access to private nodes as a result of its partnership with NOWNodes, which is the main outcome of this alliance. tweet He explained with. This access means close to zero latency. What’s more, response times drop to a staggering 0.06 seconds. This ultra low latency, crypto- It will greatly increase the performance of ShibTech’s bot package, which aims to be a leader in its field.

This integration integrates NOWNodes’ RPC Node with ledger data. Shibarium It acts as a vital bridge between requests from multiple bots in its ecosystem and facilitates a range of functions from token bridging to automated trading. Moreover, in doing so, NOWNodes reaffirms its commitment to Shibarium’s decentralization and support for builders. As we reported, at the heart of ShibTech’s product offering is the Shibarium Tech Suite, which consists of four core bots designed to empower developers and investors on the Shibarium blockchain. Sniper Bot facilitates transactions by providing a seamless BONE bridge from ETH to Shibarium, while Buy Bot provides instant notifications for certain token purchases. Meanwhile, Live Pairing Bot keeps users updated on new tokens entering the Shibarium ecosystem, while Trending Bot identifies the most important projects currently making waves in Shibarium.

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