‘Crime Machines’ Caught Telephone Breach in Istanbul

The thieves, who robbed a technology store in Istanbul Ataşehir and stole 289 phones, were caught. It was revealed that the criminals, who inflicted a total of 2 million 400 thousand TL in damage to the store, had previously been involved in 81 different crimes.

After this robbery, which took place last September 6, the police launched a large-scale investigation with evidence such as fingerprints left by the thieves in the store. Security cameras close to the scene revealed that a total of 4 thieves were involved and that they fled by car after stuffing the phones in sacks. had shown.

The police, who detected the identities of the thieves thanks to the images taken by the security cameras, together with the operation Mehmet M. (22), Umut G. (37), 2 Cem S. (26) and Murat Ö. (39) was taken into custody.

The thieves turned out to be a crime machine

It was determined that the arrested suspects were involved in different jobs before. Although Mehmet M is 22 years old, it has been determined that he has 7 different criminal records, while Umut G has 25 different criminal records and wanted for 5 crimes, Cem S has 2 criminal records and Murat Ö’s 45 different criminal records turned out to be.

With the operation organized by the police, 2 guns, 2 radios and some stolen phones were seized alongside the criminals. The four suspects, who were arrested and sent to the courthouse, will soon appear before the judge.

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