Credit Card Information of ChatGPT Users Stolen

What Open AI feared happened to him! The bug that caused ChatGPT users to see the history of other users last Monday caused the credit card information of ChatGPT Plus users to be leaked. Although ChatGPT says that not all information has been leaked, users’ posts show that the opposite is possible.

ChatGPT, according to many, is the most important technological innovation of recent years. Because, in fact, artificial intelligence supported chatbots that have been in our lives for a long time, ChatGPT It has reached a completely different point. But ChatGPT came to the fore this weekend not with its tremendous capabilities, but with a critical data leak.

To remind those who missed it; Open AI on Monday, March 20 Temporarily turned off ChatGPT. Because there was a bug in ChatGPT that allowed users to view the ChatGPT history of other users. On Friday, March 24, he shared a blog post explaining what happened. Open AI also made an important confession while expressing that the error in question was fixed.

Although Open AI says “Compromised”, ChatGPT users’ credit card information has leaked online

Digital marketing expert Halil İbrahim Er explained firsthand what kind of risk ChatGPT users ‘leaked’ data pose. Credit card Stating that a foreign company was trying to shoot through the internet, Er said that much more data might have been stolen than Open AI had announced.

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