Courtesy Decision for Celsius Investors: Airdrop Receivables!

The US bankruptcy court has allowed Celsius (CEL) to airdrop its long-awaited Flare (FLR) to eligible account holders and refund post-bankruptcy deposits.

Judge of the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York Martin Glenn to suitable Celsius calculations Ripple (XRP) altcoin airdrop to distribution of FLR and Celcius, on 14 July 2022 allowed to return funds transferred to the platform after filing for bankruptcy, subject to certain conditions.

The condition in question applies to Celsius accounts after the bankruptcy petition has been filed. 40 thousand dollars It covers that investors who throw on it will need to get committee approval for the withdrawal process.

In another article of the complementary decision, as many crypto money exchanges did this month, the platform 12 December 2020 in at least one XRP will distribute airdrops to accounts that have In the statement made by the authorities, the following statements were made that delight the aggrieved investors:

With the new court orders, customers are allowed to withdraw funds transferred to the platform in cryptocurrencies after the date of the bankruptcy petition. If the transfer amount exceeds $40,000, withdrawals will need to be approved by the appointed committee of creditors. Additionally, FLR airdrops of Flare tokens are allowed to Celsius users who hold XRP at the time of snapshot.

CoinGecko in the last 24 hours, based on data provided by 2.5% increase At the time of writing, FLR, performing from $0.0363 traded in the markets.

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